Trip Report and Photos
Clipperton Island - April 10 - 25, 2010

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The day that I'd waited for, looked forward to, planned for, probably for three years, was finally here. Departure day, destination - Clipperton Island.

The van arrived at the hotel, loaded us in, and, rolled us down the hill to the pre departure gathering area. This is where we saw the boat crew and some of our shipmates for the first time. They loaded our baggage onto a cart and wheeled it down to the boat.

Our van departs for the boat, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Loaded into the
van - almost
Gathering at the pre departure area. Photo © Elaine Jobin
Pre departure
Gathering at the Predeparture area, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Jeff Bozanic
checks in

On the way to the boat, I met up with old California diving friends who were also coming on the trip - John Delaney and Chris Grossman. This was John's first trip to Clipperton and Chris's second. Chris was supposed to be accompanied by his girlfriend Katheryn, however, due to illness she sadly had to cancel. John filled Katheryn's space.

John Delaney, Photo © Elaine Jobin
John Delaney
Chris Grossman, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Chris Grossman

Finally, it was time to board the boat.

Elaine Boards the Nautilus Explorer, Photo © Jeff Boznaic
Me boarding the
Nautilus Explorer

In a short period of time the crew had all of the luggage and dive gear safely on board.

Bags and Dive Gear Loaded, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Loading the luggage and dive gear, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Luggage and dive gear !

Crew member, Dive master, and trip MC Sten Johansson to a break from the frenzy of activity to show off Tanya, his beautiful wife.

Stan and Tonya Johansson, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Mr. & Mrs. Sten Johansson

Captain Mike was also around to see us off. He would not be taking us to Clipperton. He had other commitments . Instead we would have captain Gordon.

Capt. Mike Lever and Jeff Bozanic, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Capt. Mike Lever and Jeff Bozanic

The first order of business once on board was to sign in, sign the required releases, and receive our room assignments for the trip. This actually was done fairly quickly

Jeff Bozanic signs in, Photo ©  Elaine Jobin
Jeff Bozanic Signs In

It seems like the next thing I knew, we were leaving. The views exiting the Cabo San Lucas harbour were stunning. A panorama of the city and the famous rock formations.

Departing Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Departing Cabo San Lucas, Photo © Elaine Jobin
El Arco as we departed Cabo San Lucas, Photo © Elaine Jobin
El Arco

We met the crew and I realized that some of the names of the 25+ people that I had just met for the first time were actually starting to sink in.

Some of our Crew!
Crewmember Polly Cox, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Polly Cox
Crewmember Katharine Caldwell,Photo © Elaine Jobin
Katharine Caldwell
Crewmember Kate Reese Photo © Elaine Jobin
Kate Reese

It was also when I learned of some of the projects that would be taking place on the trip. Jeff Bozanic and Nicole Crane would be collaborating on research projects. A journal of their activities was sent home via radio daily and posted on Nicole's web site.

Jeff Bozanic and Nicole Crane, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Jeff Bozanic & Nicole Crane

We gathered for our first boat orientation and safety briefing.

Gathering for our 1st Meeting/Safety Briefing
Harry Donnenfeld, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Harry Donenfield
Heidi Kneller and Cameron Etezadi, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Heidi Kneller &
Cameron Etezadi
Polly Cox, Jackie Lander, and Randi Eisen, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Polly Cox,
Jackie Lander,
Randi Eisen
David massie, Steve Preston, Tom Heinecke, Pieper Hans, Photo © Elaine Jobin
David Massey,
Steve Preston,
Tom Heinecke
Pieper Hans
Marcos Nahmad, John Bird, Mauricio Hoyos, John Delaney, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Marcos Nahmad,
John Bird
Mauricio Hoyos,
John Delaney
Marcos Nahmad & John Bird, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Marcos Nahmad,
John Bird

Then, we all met up again shortly thereafter, this time on the back deck, for our boat emergency drill.

Life jacket Drill
Lifejacket Drill, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Life jacket Donning
Scott Davis, Photo © Elaine Jobin
Scott Davis
Elaine Jobin, Sten Johansson, Photo © Jeff Bozanic
Elaine Jobin,
Sten Johansson

The coastline faded away into the distance. Our world became us, the boat, and the ocean. We were definitely on our way to Clipperton Island. It would be a four day journey. So far the trip was all smooth sailing. But, it was now dawning on me, that, for the next four days, we would be "At the Mercy of the Sea"

"At the Mercy of the Sea" by John Kretschmer, Photo © Elaine Jobin

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