Trip Report and Photos
The Los Angeles Harbor Christmas Boat Parade
December 6, 2008
On the Great Escape

The 2008 Los Angeles Harbor Boat Parade was tons of fun. There were old friends on the boat that I haven't seen in a long time.

The Great Escape was decorated with Reindeer on the bow, a Santa on the roof, Christmas lights, and of course - an Elvis billboard! Christmas songs from Elvis belted off the deck and echoed down the parade route.

The Great Escape was the only boat equipped with music. Spectators watched the parade from boats, sea side cafe's and night spots, their cars, the docks, and from the decks of the huge tankers. It was fun watching them start to dance and wave as we went by. A pot luck on the Great Escape kept our stomachs full with all kinds of goodies.

These are a few pictures from the boat parade. My point and shoot does a rotten job at night time photography, but some of the pics were sort of OK. It was exciting to go under the raising train bridge - the flag on the Great Escape looked like it just cleared by inches.. The decorated boats were quite beautiful. Watching the decorated flotilla pass the huge tankers was almost surreal at times.

LA Harbor Christmas Boat Parade
Approaching the
Train Bridge