Trip Report and Photos
Diving with Ross O.
Palos Verdes
February 22, 2009

Story and Photos © Elaine Jobin, may not be reproduced in part or whole without advanced written permission.

Yet another cool dive day out with Ross O. and Claudette. Lake Pacific gave us a glassy ride to our first stop off Pt. Vicente. Dophins circled the boat as we were gearing up. Unfortunately they didn't stick around to visit us during our dives.

Whale Rock, Pt. Vicente, Photo by Elaine Jobindolphin by the boat, Photo by Elaine JobinDolphin by the Boat, Photo by Elaine Jobin

Ross was in swimming mode. The plan was to swim from our anchorage near Whale Rock out to the actual point at Point Vicente, and back again of course. It was a little trek, but we made it just fine. On the way back the current did pick up a little however.

Visability ranged from 20 to 30 feet. Ross got quite excited along the way when he found a cave full of lobsters - only, he couldn't reach them. So, he settled for collecting some scallops instead. Claudette found a two legged starfish,

Ross O. releases his huge lobster, Photo by Elaine Jobin

When we made it to the point, it was quite beautiful there. Lots of color. This is Ross and Claudette posing for some pictures on the top of the point, before the dropp off.

Ross O. on his scooter, Photo by Elaine Jobin

This is Ross and Claudette at the very tip of Pt. Vicente reef.

This was about an 80 minute round trip swim and the water was 55 degrees, maybe 54 in some patches. .

Our next underwater swim-a-thon was near Buchannon's reef. Ross had seen an anchor that he wanted to retrieve for Brian's sailboat. We swam almost to the point at Old Marineland and back (a looonnnngggg way). He never found the anchor on this dive, but we did see lingcod nests. lots of floating rocks attached to kelp plants, and a dolphin skeleton - minus the skull. This swim took a little over an hour and the water was once again 54 - 55 degrees.

Claudette finds a lobster, Photo by Elaine Jobin Claudette and her lobster, Photo by Elaine JobinPhoto by Elaine Jobin

I was a little cold, and tired after our two marathon swims. (I've since acquired new drysuit underwear - can't stand missing dives due to being cold). Ross and Claudette were still in "go" mode and they wanted to get back in to find the elusive anchor. I let them leave without me and this time, within one minute, they found the elusive anchor. They attached Jeff Shaw's new 100lb lift bag on it and then took off on another swimming marathon.

Ross and Claudette each took home a legal lobster. Ross cooked lobster and scallops for Beth. Brian was happy with his "new" anchor. It was a 45lb CQR that is now on his sailboat, the Skylight. The Skylight will travel to the South Pacific next year on the Rising Tides expedition. This is the freshly retrieved anchor.

Anchor for the Sailboat Skylight, Photo by Ross Overstreet

I shivered my way home and washed dive gear after a long soak in a hot bath tub. I was cold!