Shore Dive at Shaws Cove
November 13, 2010

Photos © Elaine Jobin, may not be reproduced in part or whole without advanced written permission.

It was time to get a dive in and the weather was good for a shore dive. Ankle slappers. I took just my tiny point and shoot, instead of my "big housed camera" to lighten the load. It was a bummer not having the big camera, but, anything is better than no photos from a dive. Saw some Garibaldi and lots of urchin, limpets, and marine worms. My favorite Hopkins Rose nudibranchs were still in their same spot by 'the tunnel'. Played with a morey for a little while. He had a green crab on his neck but I didn't get close enough to figure out what kind. Not the best dive day or conditions ever, but, I was happy to be in the water.

California Kehole Limpets are special and interesting critters. Keyhole limpet hemogolbin (Hgb) is called Kehole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH). KLH is copper based, and that is what makes it special. Researchers California Kehole Limpets on medical "limpet farms". They have figured out how to acquire the limpet blood (limpets don't have veins, their blood works different) for use as a base in human vaccines. The (KLH) is also presently important in vaccine research for Alzheimer’s, autoimmune dieasses, and cancer.

Aggregating Anemone
Purple Sea Urchin
Giant Keyhole Limpet
Giant Keyhole Limpet
California Moray Eel
California Moray Eel
California Moray Eel
Marine Worms
Rock Scallop
Juvenile Garibaldi
Hopkins Rose Nudibranch